music videos & social media content for bands and artists

Together, we will develop the visual output to bring across your message and art; whether the final medium is a music video, music video teasers for Instagram, or press photos. This service can also include, if required, developing a visual strategy and concept to make you stand out, and carve out what makes you special as well as help in creating a release plan. I can provide the infrastructure, and have a network of creatives, make up artists, costume designers, stylists, set and light designers. Every budget can be considered; from the little cellar to the big stage. I have plenty of experience in the field of Techno, experimental Electronica, Pop, contemporary jazz and classical music.

Previous projects include collaborations with clients like Universal Music, MTV, MIA, Tangowerk, Louie Austen, Violetta Parisini, Sigrid Horn, and many more



CAPTURING THE MOVING BODY: Together with Christin Schmidt, invited by Berliner Festspiele, we developed and now offer Workshops for professionals working in the fields of dance and Performing Arts on how to implement and use Video in their work.

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CREATIVE CONSULTING: a coaching session to develop and realise your individual project

I learned to develop strong visual and content concepts during my studies at Universität der Künste Berlin. In individual online sessions, I guide you through the development process, and help you shape and finish your project/visual concept, stage concept, etc. Dare to discover the limits of your creativity, whilst still remaining authentic. Realizing creative projects might feel like a pain in the ass at times, but to finish them is honey for the soul.


FOR MUSICIANS & ACTORS: pre-stage rituals sessions

THE RITES OF ENERGY CANALISATION: The warm up before the show or public appearance is essential and crucial. For many years I have been accompanying bands and ensembles on tour, to help create the necessary atmosphere and surroundings, and create custom tailored rituals to help deliver a top performance. One such technique is a “tapping technique”, used in situations of anxiety, which may help to overcome stage fright as well as fear of flying. This started out as something done for friends, but has become a regular inclusion which I offer. Take the stage fully equipped with an emotional warm up, to grab the audience by the balls ;:)


workshops for young people

working with the next generation: video & dance projects in sociocultural context

Together with dancer and choreographer Christin Schmidt, we realized over 20 Workshops over the last 5 years, working with young people from social backgrounds, the psychiatric clinic as well as uprising hiphop and urban dancers across germany. 

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Photography and video tuition: how to make your videos and social media content look professional

Customized to your needs: Which camera to use, easy tricks to make videos look professional, develop easy set-ups, what to take care of when preparing content for social media, tagging, basic camera training, release plan strategies, and content consulting. I have been helping artists for years to find strategies and setups for their own live videos, and to develop a strong visual concept that matches their brand. It feels good not to rely on others all the time and gain independence and confidence creating by yourself.


production services: creativity for hire

producing visual content from the first idea to the finished product.

Together we will develop and realize the visual aspects of your art or project: be it press photos & portraits, music videos, dokus or image films. Together we create a  visual strategy, and lead you from the initial idea to the finished product to make your brand shine.  

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    FOR MUSICIANS & BANDS: create a STRATEGY & release plan

    You want to release music and create a brand and image from scratch? Or simply need some new inspiration? I can guide you step by step from the first idea until the finished song on Spotify. I can give feedback, plan your press photo and video shootings, or simply develop your existing brand further. Also, I can connect you with people from my big network of professionals (mixing, mastering, promotion, etc). I can show you the most efficient methods of distribution and uploading. I went through the process when I created/ invented an alter ego and manufactured personality for myself from scratch (LULU SCHMIDT). Check it out HERE.


    individualized photo AND VIDEO sessions

    Anything is possible. There’s no idea that can be too weird. Anything is possible. Especially if you are someone who is uncomfortable in front of a camera: DON´T WORRY! Helping others to overcome fear and awkwardness is my speciality. This includes basic camera training, we will have a lot of fun, and I will make you forget all about it!


    Press photos & cd cover design

    concept development and realization for your press photos and designs of your record covers. 

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    video EDITING

    not only creating content but also available for editing your videos


    stage videos

    Creating the concept and realization of stage projections (with a partly interactive concept) for music bands as well as in a theater context. Past collaborations include: production of the interactive stage videos for the Band MIA, Willkommen im Club Tour (Rock am Ring, FM4 Frequency, etc), stage videos for theatre production THIS LOVE IS FIRE for Ruhrfestsiele (directed by Rafat Akazhouk), work at Sophiensaele Berlin, the theatre production We in exit, and many more.


    SOUND DESIGN, musical art direction

    We can put together the perfect team in collaboration with musicians, studios and sound engineers, providing the infrastructure to accompany and coordinate the whole process including mixing and mastering.

    Examples include: the title song beautiful day for NETFLIX fucking berlin, sound design for fine arts performance in public space traverse la cite by Rainer Prohaska, art direction of the film Boring River in cooperation with Austrian apparell as well as sound design for this Love is Fire by Rafat Alkazhoul for Ruhrfestsiele, the sound installation for performances in public spaces TRAVERSO LA CITTA, and many more.


    FOR MUSICIANS: co-writing sessions (songwriting)

    feedback and pingpong. go over lyrics, develop hook melodies.

    sometimes a good sparring partner is crucial. I can provide feedback and if the music style doesnt match mine, I have a big network of artists specialized in i.e. German language, rap, etc. wrote the title song "beautiful day" for NETFLIX fucking berlin, co wrote Tangowerk , lyrics Louie Austen, as well as my own album bipopularity. 

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    event documentation: VIDEO DOKU & stage photography

    This is often combined on tour: I am for hire for documentation of your live events (concerts, theater plays, festivals, art performances, weddings), to capture the magic on stage as well as creating social media content backstage, or “making of” documentaries.  In previous years, I worked for festivals and went on tour with several bands. I know all about the backstage tension pre-show; I know how to pop that soap bubble. I am very experienced in how to make good mood and create a relaxed atmosphere, know when to step in and give motivation and energy, and when to hold back and be invisible. Different set-ups available (1 to 4 cameras).

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    create an image teaser and/or website for your business

    Whether you are a coach, a lawyer, a doctor, or a yoga business; the most important thing is, not only to get the message across, but to develop a style guide and visual concept, deliver your main message clearly, and develop a concept of how best to bring that across. Often this also includes basic camera training, and content consulting.

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