working with the next generation since 2018 – projects in sociocultural context

Together with dancer and choreographer Christin Schmidt, we realized over 20 Films/Workshops over the last 6 years, working with young people starting at the age of 6 as well as teenagers from all kinds of social backgrounds, the psychiatric clinic as well as uprising hiphop and urban dance companies across germany.

In a project we develop videos that include the element of dance and poetry, with the goal of empowering each other in the process, and often finding out in the process with the camera the often, the one thing one saw as his/her a weakness is, when used right, what can actually makes u special and if put into the right light, lets us shine and stand out.

In EMPOWERMOVES, young girls from across germany want to give a message to other girls integrating fragile parts and turning them into strength. some of the work remain secret and are only screened within the group and family. due to its fragility, others went viral for their sociopolitical message, like WE LIVE IN A STRANGE WORLD, having the topic of climate change.