Rites of Energy Canalization / Part III

feat. two times Karate World Champion Enis Imeri: To the Song “Ich&R” by Beatmaster shaban, The warm up routine is turned into a dance Choreography transforming the feeling of fragilty into strength and concentration.. the video portraits are capturing the deep concentration before and the total exhaustion after the fight.

Moving between film, video, performance and photography, the Series Rites of Energy Canalisation explore the transitions from emotional object to emotional state, flowing into the artistic state of mind . Ecstasy, seduction and euphoria are the central motifs. A depiction of phenomena, aimed at revealing important and fragile values of today’s society. Rites of Energy Canalisation reflects the desire to surrender to one’s own divinity, in order to overcome an increasing self-alienation. The video works artistically depict and ritualize euphoric states of today’s leisure society. The result is a reduction of these states to absurdity and a mantra of vicarious satisfaction.

feat. Enis Imeri & Karatekas, Music: Shaban “Ich & R” Kamera: Tim Scherret