„What about my reputation ! I just can’t live in moderation –
Can resist anything but temptation – blaiten –
Should stay away from the lava on occasion, but I´ve got a VIP invitation!“ (FIRE)

In the lavishly staged video for the single “Fire”, the focus is on the common beauty ideals of the music business, and the “star moment” phenomenon of the pop industry. However, rather than serving or indulging in them, they are deconstructed. And so begins a game with unclear boundaries.

“Carola Schmidt’s art background also rubs off on her musical alter ego: Lulu Schmidt’s sound, videos, performances and self-con- ception are carried by the desire for staging, by eccentricity, breaks and rein- terpretations. On top of that she adds an (electro-)pop sensibility that ensures that the messages about gender roles and star cult also find their way into the ear. She describes her crossing the border between avant-garde and mainstream, introspection and expressiveness as hangover pop. And it has a lot to offer. She lives the pleasures of the star-cult, and parodies them in song. She celebrates icons, and laughs heartily at them. She shows distortions of beauty, and celebrates the beauty of distortion. The way of Lulu Schmidt is represented in Rupert Höller’s video as that of a kind of iconic anti-star; instead of lacy lingerie, she wears a man’s beer belly. It’s about irony, humor and playing with roles, in order to make the world more colorful and free!
– The Gap

FIRE Songlyrics

Lyrics by Lulu Schmidt & Klumzy Tung

What about my reputation.?- I just can’t live in moderation
Can resist anything but temptation – Blaiten –
I would rather Stay away from the lava, but – but , I can’t
I’m impatient (-) And I’m a patient,
What about my   medication – 
Hello pretty snake, – welcome to the taste of the bosom you´ve been chasing.

I can feel the teeth sink
I can feel the bite sting
I can feel it rising, running through my bloodstream, ready for the striking

we´re living on fire
AND WE burn, to the ground, while we
while we burn it to the ground.

What about my education?- I just can’t live in moderation
When its right there for the taking, The taste of the flame´s what im craving
This lifestyle that im living, yes it takes dedication 
Should stay away from the lava on occation, but I´ve Got a vip invitation –  
Hello pretty bouncer – welcome to the finger in your face, that I´m waving..

i’m dancing with gloves on
————welcome to the finger in your face that i‘m waving

Ten naked fireman could hose us, down – down – down,
we’d still burn it to the ground
Ten naked fireman could hose us  – but never hose us down-

We’d still burn it –
Cause we´re playing with  fire – 
I -I -I – 
 dancing with my gloves on
Ya -so -I´m dancing with gloves on

We sniff and drag until we fall / Until we sink into the floor
We go to bed but never sleep / Until we curl up in a ball
drink and sink,  till  we fly – keep the pace, spinning high 
–  we death defy, we want it all –      we´re on

Fire – Fire – We´re living on fire –
No one can tame us down
We’d still burn it to the ground cause We’re on
10 naked fireman could hose me down . (2x)(fire)..

We live the moment till it dies
We kiss the rocket fuel goodbye
, hold the wheel- while – I drink and drive – bye:)