PLAY (single & video release)

why are we still gambling although we know,
that in the end, the house will always win?

i can be the queen queen, and I can be the devil, hid behind the mirror, bending down, till our eyes are on a level..

„Play“ also ­ ja, spiel den Song, der dir vielleicht den Ruhm bringt, den du doch ohnehin gar nicht willst. Oder? „Play“ ist eine Abhandlung von Kontroversen, aber in einem anderen Kontext. Hier geht es um das leidige Business, mit dem das Kunstschaffen nun einmal verbunden ist ­ – bist du groß, bist bekannt, erreichst du die Leute. „Bow down, kiss the ring“. Schöne und wichtige Grundsätze wie l’art pour l’art haben nicht wenige Leute schon dezent beiseite gerückt, damit das Rampenlicht umso greller brennen darf. Lulu Schmidt hat einen ironischen Umgang mit ihrem eigenen Wunsch nach beidem ­ der großen Bühne UND der großen Kunst.
( Lisa Schneider / FM4 Soundpark Weekly ) 
The music Video by Adriana Berroteran is nominated for the Silver Selection @Berlin Music Video Awards 2019

music by Lulu Schmidt, lyrics by Lulu Schmidt & Klumzy Tung produced by Maximilian Walch, mastered by Paul Movahedi

“Based on the lyrics of the song, what we want to represent within the music video is a Trashy Queen that is tired of feeding the industry and at the same time can not escape being part of it, the game of showing yourself as others want to see you, the pressure to satisfy everyone. In the encounter with this dichotomy, this queen wants to be faithful to her own identity, rejecting the vanity of the environment that surrounds her, and in this process she finds herself with her own mirror, an antagonist in the history that seduces and attacks her, At the same time, she loves him and hates him. It is about the monster that she flees from but in the end, the house will always win.”   (ADRIANA BERROTERAN, video director).


If you ask what the game is, I don’t know what to say, do I –
wanna say?

Ím Gambling like a queen queen
poker with the devil
Fighting for the rulebook
bending down till my eyes are on his level
All in and revel – in the glory, I award him the medal,
I stab him with the pin, ramm it in his skin,  What is there to win,
I  keep pushing but it won’t cram in
bow down, and (- -) kiss the ring
on your knees bitch, now – who’s the king?

I oh I can’t believe, oh I can´t believe, that I did it again

PLAY. (chorus)

i can be the queen queen, and I can be the devil
Hid behind the mirror
Moving in till our eyes are on a level
All in and treble
shattering illusions
I´m grinning like a -rebel.
Smoke is in the air, ashes in my hair, nothing left to tame,
-I toss the rulebook in the flames
-the ego has landed,  and I  take the blame
carrying the BALL while still strangeling the CHAIN

PLAY (chorus)

The house will always win, we know the house will always win..

foto © Adriana Berroteran

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