I Am Not Me, Please Believe Me!

I Am Not Me - T-Shirt-Edition

LULU SCHMIDT is a continual one woman music Performance act invented by austrian artist Carola Schmidt, former master student of Rebecca Horn at the University of Arts / Berlin.

Through her musical live-performances, Carola´s Alter Ego Lulu explores the RITES OF ENERGY TRANSFORMATION. The Solo Single I AM NOT ME! will be coming along as a kick-off for her multimedial
art project „the I AM NOT ME, PLEASE BELIEVE ME – series“ including photography, video installations,
short films & live-performances.

Lulu and Carola love and hate each other. Although they are never seen together in public, they secretly
share classical-melancolic-dark-electronic-glitter- dissonant-driven-bipolar blackouts, fluttering around the facets of self-expression like a moth dancing around a flame.

After concerts in Zurich, Buenos Aires & Miami in November, Lulu will be on Tour with Tangowerk & Mia. until end of Jan 15- (tour dates).


I Am Not Me, Please Believe Me!


There exist several versions of the song. From the melancholic version performed with former members of the Vienna Boys’ Choir (Wiener Sängerknaben) to the club track and the radio version.

The lyrics in ANTIPODEN, revolving around their inner conflicts, reveal the magic formula. Torn between strength and weakness, uncertainty and self-optimisation, a funny, ironic and excessive self-expression comes to the forte.



Performance Series


Performance I am not me! by Lulu Schmidt @ Christopher Street Day Berlin, Finale, Main Stage, Brandenburger Tor.
Performance I am not me! by Lulu Schmidt @ Christopher Street Day Berlin, Finale, Main Stage, Brandenburger Tor.

For her live performances Lulu invites other ‘alter ego experts’ onto the stage.
Together they conjure up lustrous, magical glamour in extravagant and specially made costumes, yet their fragility and vulnerability is also plain to see as they search for their ideal self-image.

Lulu developed her own version of the song in collaboration with former members of the Vienna Boys‘ Choir at their new concert hall, entered the final of Berlin Song Contest with a crazy performance including a drag girl choir and did a performance of I AM NOT ME! at the Christopher Street Days grande finale at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate with Tangowerk.

Performance I am not me! by Lulu Schmidt with Drag Girl Choir „The Creamgirls“ @ Christopher Street Day Berlin, Finale, Main Stage, Brandenburger Tor.

Berlin Song Contest Teaser –
Lulu about I AM NOT ME
„Ich habe alles an meinem Song selbst gemacht. Meine Stimme klingt ein wenig schief, aber ich mag das Unperfekte!“, berichtet die Künstlerin. … Die Jury hat’s überzeugt, sie wählte sie ins Finale. Berlin schätzt eben das Außergewöhnliche! … Kurios: Von dem Titel gibt es auch eine Klassik-Version.“

(BZ, 10.4.14/ Berlin Song Contest)

„Lulu Schmidt (sang für Mitte): Die Künstlerin überzeugte mit ihrer Bühnen-Choreographie inklusive zweier Transen in selbstbemalten T-Shirts, im schwarzen Lack-Matrosen-Strampler und dem Titel „I am not me“ derart, dass der Gesang fast zweitrangig schien. Mehr Berlin- Mitte als dieser Auftritt geht kaum.“

(Süddeutsche Zeitung, 17.4.14)

BZ, 10.4.14


I Am Not Me – T-Shirt-Edition


I Am Not Me - T-Shirt-Edition



Carola Schmidt


CAROLA SCHMIDT is a masterstudent of prof. REBECCA HORN (UDK Berlin) and former Student of prof. GABRIELE ROTHE-MANN (University of applied arts, Vienna).

Since 2008 she is PERFORMING on stage as her alter ego Lulu Schmidt – a performative, multi-talented, erotic, romantic and overexposed persona, acting out her journey of self-discovery.

She performed on stage in various events, i.e. christopher Street day finale berlin / brandenburger tor, fusion festival, Ger- man embassy athens, Konzertsaal der wiener Sängerknaben, reminders day aids Gala, berlin, Kino babylon berlin, Kino inter- national berlin , ritter butzke berlin, rotes rathaus berlin, etc.

In 2008, she won the renowned Diagonale best newcomer prize for her short movie „we beg you to seduce us!“ and was awar- ded a Sophie and Emanuel Fohn stipend. numerous awards for her music and video art have since followed.

Her video collaborations as a producer / director include artists like tangowerk, Mia., Grace jones, louie austen, wiener Sän- gerknaben, inna Shevshenko (femen), berlin comedian Harmonists, adriana Varela, nikolai Kinski, and many more.

Her artwork was exhibited/ screened at numerous int. film festivals (austria, japan, Germany, italy, Hungary,etc. ) and museum exhibitions, (i.e. mumoK Vienna, Künstlerhaus wien, Galeria maior pollenca, pergamonmuseum berlin), diagonale austria, Kon- zerthaus der wiener Sängerknaben, German embassy athens, and many more. Her commercial work – (always with an artistic, controvers approach), was distributed by / produced for / universal music, Sony bmG , mtV, Spiegel tV, tape tV, babylon ber- lin, Zinnober / berlinale, and many more…)
The austrian artist currently lives and works in berlin.




„Ich liebe das Unperfekte: Verstimmte Blechbläser beim Trauermarsch, schiefe Chöre beim Kirchengesang, quietschende Geigen, den Moment in dem die Stimme bricht. Ich versuche, diese Elemente in die Musik zu integrieren, statt vorgefertigten Schablonen zu folgen.“

(Lulu Schmidt)

„Seit 2008 steht Lulu Schmidt auf den Brettern, die die Welt bedeuten. Ihre Auftritte versprechen eine Mischung aus Erotik, Romantik und experimenteller Musik, durch die das Publikum auf ihre Reise der Selbstentdeckung mitgenommen wird.“

(Trinity, 14.5.14)


Rites Of Energy Canalization (Video Series)



Together with two times KARATE WORLD CHAMPION Enis Imeri, the warm up rou- tine is turned into a dance Choreography transforming the feeling of inner disunity into a state of strength and conctentration.


Lulu and Berlin Draggirl Ä imi Weinhaus. A photosession of the Series „Would you Date your alter Ego“ getting out of control…found footage on the camera after an alcohol black-out. Creating loops, Lulu built an electronic music track with Berlin Beatmaster Shaban.

The Remix was a surprise success on Soundcloud, the Video is featured on mainstream music video Platforms like TAPE TV as an electronic music Video.

Lulu Schmidt & Äimi Weinhaus