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Kunsthalle Wien / Museumsquartier

Lulu Schmidt ft. Klumzy Tung



HAPPY AND I HATE IT (feat. Klumzy Tung)

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I am happy to announce my upcoming album BiPopularity for June 2019 – after taking some time off stage to finish my album, I will be back on stage in summer 2019 to present the new music. So I am very grateful to having received the INES Talent Award to join festivals all over europe.


live live live

lulu schmidt live teaser 2017 short version (01:46) from lulu schmidt on Vimeo.

memories of a year 2017 full of wonderful live moments.. I took a break in 2018 to finish my album BiPopularity and am looking forward to come back on stage starting summer 2019 with my new music..


Electric Spring Festival Vienna